Jewellery Care

To keep your jewellery looking as fresh as the day it arrived, follow the guidance below...

remove when sleeping + showering
remove for gymming + swimming + gardening (i.e. heavy handiwork)
avoid contact with chemicals + cosmetics + perfumes
wash with lukewarm water + mild soap + soft toothbrush
reapply metal finish with complementary cloth provided (avoid contact with gemstones)
store in jewellery box when not wearing

One of the best ways to keep your jewellery looking fresh is to actually wear it frequently, as the daily hustle and bustle of life will help to buff the surface of the metal, especially sterling silver.

Please note that sterling silver in particular will oxidise (tarnish) over time, especially if unworn and depending on the individual. This is not a fault with the product, but a characteristic of the precious metal alloy and/or wearer. Argentium Silver is a fantastic hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant silver alternative that we love to work with here.
Check out our Precious Metal info page to learn a bit more about it.