Finding the Perfect Ring Size

I encourage you to be confident of the correct UK size before placing an order.
We suggest visiting a couple of local jewellery stores and asking them to size the finger
you intend to wear the ring on. Sizing gauges may vary from one jewellery studio
to the next, so it's useful to check the size given is consistent.

Another option is to purchase a low cost ring sizing set that I recommend, with UK sizes from A-Z. Once you've sized your finger, just let me know the size and you can place your order here with absolute confidence. It's a great thing to own if you frequently wear rings on different fingers.
Please Get in touch so I can provide the details of the sizer.

We generally don't advise online charts or the flexible ring sizing strips for sizing accurately.
The flexible sizers don't sit perfectly round on the finger and may shift when coming over the knuckles. I've rarely been able to achieve a consistent size when using these methods myself.

What if I order the wrong size?

Many of our designs can be resized up or down a size relatively easily, although this
will incur a making charge. Certain designs, particularly those with multiple gemstones,
are generally not resizeable once made. Thus for higher value purchases with multiple set stones, we would definitely recommend visiting your local jewellery store for sizing or purchasing the sizing
gauge we recommend, to remove any doubt.

What if the ring is a Gift?

What if the ring is a Gift?

If you're purchasing a gift for someone and don't know their ring size, we can suggest a few options.

  • Take a one of their existing rings for the correct finger to a local jeweller for sizing.
  • Purchase a Gift Voucher for them, which is a lovely surprise, and once they have been gifted it, they can size their finger at a local jewellery store or purchase our recommended sizing gauge.
  • Send me one of their existing rings for the correct finger for sizing, and I will return the ring with your purchase once it's made (only advised for rings of low value - sentimental as well as monetary - as we can't be held responsible for items lost on their way to us).
  • Finally, for fine jewellery items such as custom 18ct gold wedding & engagement style rings, I'm happy to make a plain silver band to the size you think it is, so that it can be worn and checked for size before the final piece is created. Please email us on to check whether this would be an option for what you have in mind.
Things to consider when sizing

Things to consider when sizing

Size the hand and finger specifically intended for the ring. This may sound obvious but it's important to size the finger that will actually wear the ring. Our dominant (writing) hand is usually slightly larger, so make sure you don't mix up your lefts and rights!

The width of the band. A narrow band will slide over the knuckles easier than a wider band (>4mm), which generally needs to be sized up at least one size.

The time of day. Our fingers are larger in the morning, smaller in the evening. If you are able to, we recommend sizing at several points of the day, morning, midday and evening to have a better idea of how your fingers change throughout the day.

How warm it is. Our fingers can swell in summer and are narrower when it's cold. They will also swell if we've just had a workout.

Finger shape. Some of us may have larger knuckles yet slender fingers, which can make sizing slightly trickier. There are options to help ensure the fit both over and on the finger is comfortable, which I'm happy to discuss with you prior to placing an order.

Personal preference. Some people like the reassurance of a snug fit on a ring, and others prefer to have a little more wiggle room, especially if stacked with other ring bands.

International Ring Size Chart

International Ring Size Chart

Please use this conversion chart to find the UK equivalent size before placing your order.